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Our cutting-edge pipeline monitoring solution seamlessly reads pipelines with instant reporting. This level of detection leads to insights beyond real-time threats: by merging this constant, consistent data gathering with Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, we can predict leaks weeks, months, and even years before they occur. We maximize your information, so you can optimize operations.

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Corrosion - Possible Leak7.1.21 | 6.11.47 AMPipeline: 0051 | Device: 010
Acoustic - High Noise Level7.1.21 | 6.35.12 AMPipeline: 0103 | Device: 003
GPS Movement - Land Slippage7.1.21 | 6.58.27 AMPipeline: 0014 | Device: 102

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With instant analytics reporting for your operation, you can leverage information to make more strategic decisions.


Eliminate risks with complete, secure data and analytics. Protected from both pipeline breeches and data breeches, our solutions focus on safety at every stage of the process.


Reduce the number of leaks, minimize the cost of mitigation, and save money on servicing your pipeline. Our Solutions are the most cutting-edge and cost-efficient on the market.

Digital monitoring

Customizable dashboards provide instant, precise reporting of data secured using proven methods and practices, along with multiple firewalls to prevent cross contamination and breeches.

Deep data analysis

Our powerful analytics computing provides wide and deep data analysis, equipping your team with insights that enable faster and more strategic decision-making.

Redefining pipelinemonitoring withmIQroAware™

The mIQroAware™ solution offers a full suite of integrated technologies working together to provide you with instant, intelligent insights. By blending sensor, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Analytics technology, this innovative system monitors the 7 most important parameters of pipeline health at a rate of up to 42 times per second.

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Our patented technology monitors for internal and external corrosion using state of the art sensors. These medical-grade sensors change the way corrosion monitoring is done. This analysis is so accurate, it can determine the rate of corroding down to 0.2mm of loss annually— less than the thickness of two human hairs.

human error

Human error

Whether it is an overpressure event, overheat, wellhead issue, non-authorized dig, or even sabotage, our devices measure a variety of variables to detect the threat to your asset. Whether the error is due to operational mishaps or illegal activity, you’ll have a clear picture of what’s going on.

component failure

Component failure

There are a variety of reasons that pipeline components such as valves or compressor stations may fail. Weld failure, human error, and even acoustic shock can all factor into this failure. We collect data up to 42 times per second to predict these failures before they occur.

earth movement

Earth movement

Earthquakes, land slippage, land slides, and ground settling damage pose a real threat to pipeline infrastructure. Our instant alerts allow mitigation of these risks to reduce damage and avoid disaster.

system safety failure

Safety system failure

We help keep your safety systems in check and are working toward making pigging obsolete. PHMSA data shows that hot-tapping and pigging are responsible for over 2% of pipeline leaks. By monitoring externally, we prevent these leaks and even monitor for lost pigs and leaks from competitors.

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We are scientists, engineers, and visionaries with innovation and environmentalism at the heart of our mission. Our team is dedicated to the continued development of groundbreaking solutions to transform operations in the oil and gas industry for the better.

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