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mIQroTech Announces New Additions to its Board of Directors

June 15, 2021

mIQroTech Announces New Additions to its Board of Directors

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mIQroTech Announces New Additions to its Board of Directors

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Tampa, Florida—June 15, 2021 Tech company mIQroTech takes one more step into the future of the oil and gas industry. The startup announced today the addition of four new members to their board of directors: Jeff Brashear, Gary Weiss, Don Bortniak, and Paul Silvis. Led by founder, chief executive officer, and chairman Meade Lewis, this board will continue to pave the way for digital transformation in the oil and gas industry.

CEO Meade Lewis says of the development, “We’re pleased to welcome new members to our board of directors that represent a range of diversified expertise. With each member’s record of excellence in their field, we firmly believe that this board will lead mIQroTech to new heights of success. I’m looking forward to serving alongside them as we usher in a new era for oil and gas. We’ve found the right people with the right vision to get the job done.”

The new board members began their 3-year terms effective January 2021. The board is now comprised of the following members:

Meade Lewis, Chairman of the Board -- From mIQroTech getting accepted into top accelerators such as Ocean and Plug-and-Play, to a partnership with Chevron Technology Ventures Catalyst Program, and investments from major institutional funds, Meade has led the company since inception in 2017. With previous experience as the Chief Information Technology Officer of two oil and gas firms, both resulting in successful acquisitions, Meade has a deep knowledge of what it takes to disrupt the oil and gas sector. With further background of co-founding a 2010’s “Big Data” analytics firm, Meade not only managed to achieve his third exit, but gathered experience in leveraging massive data sets to best suit enterprise intelligence gathering. An Eagle Scout, with a deep passion for the environment, Meade has made his career on disrupting archaic industries by inventing innovative technology systems and generating impressive returns for investors.

Jeff Brashear -- Currently serving as the mIQroTech Chief Operating Officer, Jeff is responsible for integrating the front and back office technologies and processes. Previously, with the Combat Mission Systems division of BAE Systems, he served in various leadership roles critical to the integration of performance management, analytics, and data management of business systems and processes. As an Army veteran, he led multiple organizations in and out of combat while also serving in SOCOM and logistics before ending his career as an analyst. At the Center for Army Analysis and the US Army War College, he led multiple efforts applying analytics and qualitative analysis to strategic level decision making. Having bought, sold, and started several small businesses, Jeff has a diverse and solid background, particularly in building and leading teams and organizations and using the analytics process to solve business problems.

Gary Weiss -- Joining the mIQroTech team after being the Chief Operating Officer at Aspen Technology (AZPN), Gary led Product Management, Field and Customer Operations through AZPN’s rapid growth phase targeting the Oil, Gas, Chemicals, and Energy markets. Gary’s previous experiences from early phase companies in Security to larger Enterprise Information Management companies will be valuable in navigating our growth strategies. With a deep understanding of deal structures, acquisitions, and relationships throughout the industry, Gary will help develop mIQroTech into the unicorn it is destined to become.

Don Bortniak -- An early mIQroTech investor who immediately saw synergies between the mIQroTech mission, his desires of a better future for the world, and his previous work in technology at Siemens, Don thrives in supporting mIQroTech's technological achievements and team. During his more than 27 years of time at Siemens in various areas including an international assignment, automation was a key factor of growth as a company. Similarly, mIQroTech is aiming to automate the response systems for one of the most critical infrastructures in the country.

Paul Silvis -- With two previous start-ups under his belt, and one successful exit, Paul not only helps mIQroTech make critical decisions, but has even invested into the mission. An expert in all things related to technology and intellectual property, he understands the game-changing potential for the mIQroTech solution. Through Paul’s previous success, he has become an important leader within his local community of State College, Pennsylvania. This local leadership passion that Paul lives his life by is something mIQroTech strives to become for the communities around their team.

About mIQroTech

Founded in late 2017 by serial entrepreneur Meade Lewis, mIQroTech is an innovative technology company dedicated to cleaning up the oil and gas industry. By merging smart sensors, Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, and Analytics, mIQroTech’s comprehensive pipeline monitoring solution predicts pipeline leaks and increases operational efficiency in the field. With its continued development of groundbreaking solutions, mIQroTech aims to bring more efficient operations to the oil and gas industry and for a cleaner, safer environment.


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