mIQrotech Named Top 5 Data-Driven Innovation Company Impacting Utilities

October 22, 2021

mIQrotech Named Top 5 Data-Driven Innovation Company Impacting Utilities

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mIQrotech Named Top 5 Data-Driven Innovation Company Impacting Utilities

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In the digital era, data-driven innovation is no longer optional. New technologies provide access to more data than ever before, offering key strategic insights that ultimately give companies a competitive advantage. Whether improving safety, streamlining operations, increasing revenue or informing planning, data-driven innovation has value in all industries, particularly in vital ones like utilities.

After analyzing 1,086 global startups and scaleups making advancements in data-driven innovation in the utilities sector, StartUs Insights recently named mIQrotech as one of the top five companies leading the charge in the innovation of utility operations. Read more about the feature and explore the other innovating companies here.

As a data company with a focus on energy, mIQrotech is honored to have been recognized by StartUs. We are making huge strides in bringing digital transformation to the oil and gas industry. Our advanced pipeline monitoring product, mIQroAware, blends smart sensors, artificial intelligence, and analytics technologies to monitor and report on all the leading causes of pipeline failure in one comprehensive solution--all external to the pipeline, requiring no hot-tapping or risk to your pipeline integrity. This patented technology stack equips operators with an unprecedented amount of data, painting a clearer picture of overall pipeline health leading to fewer leaks and smarter operations.

mIQrotech is currently offering a 6+ month free trial of our mIQroAware solution to new customers who are looking for ways to improve reliability, avoid pipeline leaks and gain greater insights into operational efficiency. If you would like to partner with us, and learn more about how your company could benefit from data-driven innovation, reach out to Tonya Garr, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Tonya.Garr@mIQrotech.com


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