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Watch our Founder and CEO, Meade Lewis share the vision for mIQrotech in his TEDx presentation:

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Meade Lewis

Meade Lewis

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Jeff Brashear

Jeff Brashear

Chief Operating Officer

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Mike Kaiser

Mike Kaiser

Chief Information Officer

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Lou Roban

Lou Roban

Deputy Operations Officer

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Board of directors

Don Bortniak

An early mIQroTech investor who immediately saw synergies between the mIQroTech mission, his desires of a better future for the world, and his previous work in technology at Siemens, Don thrives in supporting mIQrotech's technological achievements & team.

Paul Silvis

With two previous start-ups under his belt, and one successful exit, Paul not only helps mIQroTech make critical decisions, but has even invested into the mission. An expert in all things related to technology and intellectual property.

Jeff Brashear

Currently serving as the mIQrotech Chief Operating Officer, Jeff brings his background as an Army Veteran, executive manager, analyst and business owner to the board to provide visionary and strategic insights for the growth of the mIQrotech.

Meade Lewis

Serving as the chairman of the board.

Aboutour team

We are a team of hard-working innovators, problem-solvers, and forward-thinkers. Over the years our team has demonstrated the ingenuity, grit, and collaboration that it takes to revolutionize the energy industry. From our engineering team to our client success team, our employees are mission-minded and focused on providing you with cutting-edge solutions.

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mIQrotech team

What westand for

We believe valuable energy operations shouldn't come at the expense of an irreplaceable planet. Our team is motivated to find solutions to advance oil and gas practices to be safer, more efficient, and cleaner in order to better protect the environment.
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Our core values

01. Sustainability

Environmentalism is the driving force behind our mission. By minimizing our impact on the environment, we’re investing in a better future for mankind. We’re taking huge strides to be good stewards of this planet we call home.

02. Innovation

We never settle for “good enough”. Instead, we challenge the status quo by taking on every obstacle with persistence, creativity, and grit. We are deeply committed to continuous improvement and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

03. Information

We keep the channels open and proactively relay information across teams for fluency of operations. We listen with intention. Above all, in every interaction, we speak with respect, kindness, and humility.

04. Precision

Its our standard to do things right the first time. It’s our protocol to double-check our work. By wielding data and science as our go-to tools, we strive for the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. Quality is our signature in everything we do.

05. Collaboration

We are a group of talented individuals who realize we can only accomplish our goals when we use those talents together. Since we are one team working toward a unified goal, we compromise for the sake of the greater mission.

06. Integrity

We follow through with our commitments, showing up with honesty, transparency, and responsibility in the process. We establish and maintain each other’s trust, supporting and challenging one another in our growth along the way.

07. Diversity & Inclusion

Our individual differences make up our team’s strengths. We accept persons of all nations, races/ethnicities, beliefs, genders, sexual identities, disabilities, and cultures. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment, and disrespect, because we value the safety and wellbeing of our team.

Our locations

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Tampa, FloridaHeadquarters
Cincinnati, OhioRemote Office
Houston, TexasRemote Office
Sunnyvale, CaliforniaRemote Office

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