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One comprehensive system to detect and report on every major risk for pipelines.

Proactive Asset Protection

Pipeline integritymonitored by apatented suite ofsmart sensors.

Instant Intelligent Insights


Reduce Costs. Avoid Downtime. Prevent Leaks.

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The mIQroAware™ monitoring system is a low cost, high impact solution with a full suite of integrated technologies that work together to provide you with instant, intelligent data on the current condition of your pipeline. By blending sensor, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Analytics technology, this innovative system can detect, analyze, and report on risks in real time. You'll have access to a constant, reliable stream of insights that equip you to optimize operations and prevent disasters.

Easy installation

Non-invasive device, no hot tapping required

Attaches to the outside of the pipeline in less than an hour without interrupting the integrity of the pipeline or slowing down operations

Compatible with cellular networks

Seamless monitoring

No repairs- Service comes with lifetime replacement of hardware.

Over the Air Updatable- reduces obsolescence costs

One stop shop for service and support on all major monitoring insights- no need to contact multiple vendors

Reads 7 parameters at a rate of up to 42 times per second

Data operations are 100% automated

Instant alerts and analytics

Advanced analytics computing for consistent, accurate insights

Suitable for executives and operators alike

Templated and customizable dashboarding for easy, targeted reporting

Automatic alerts by phone and email of any detected risks




Increased efficiency

Leverage unprecedented amounts of data and operator specific analytics to improve operations, decision making, and profit.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, make real-time adjustments, and perform traditionally human-orientated tasks. AI relies on deep learning and natural language processing – and with this tech, computers can be trained to achieve specific tasks by processing enormous amounts of data, and recognizing patterns in that data.


Operational excellence

Provide your team with quantifiable measures to monitor the effects of your OE efforts

Create better cause and effect targets for your OE team

Wide and deep data analysis allows for business specific insights while also seamlessly providing industry benchmarks.


Digital transformation

Complete digital monitoring of the fitness of your pipelines

Instant, precise reporting through customizable dashboards

Data secured using proven methods and practices, multiple firewalls to prevent cross contamination and breeches.


Increased profit

Most cost-efficient way to monitor pipeline fitness

Reduce the number of leaks

Reduce leak mitigation costs

mIQroAware Web App

Accessreal-time insightswith ease

Track the pulse of your entire pipeline health in our easy-to-use web app. Get instant notifications of detected anomalies, as well as advanced predictive analytics computing to predict and plan for future risks.

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Monitors all the leading causes of pipeline failure

Detected by Corrosion Sensors

Our patented technology monitors for internal and external corrosion using state of the art sensors. These medical-grade sensors change the way corrosion monitoring is done. This analysis is so accurate, it can determine the rate of corroding down to 0.2mm of loss annually— less than the thickness of two human hairs.

pipeline with mountains

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Why choosemIQroAware™system?


Ease of use system

From non-invasive installation to user-friendly custom analytics dashboarding, pipeline monitoring has never been simpler.


Smarter solution

Our system blends Internet of Things (IoT), sensor, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to monitor the 7 most important parameters of your pipeline health at a rate of up to 42 times per second, with instant advanced analytics reporting. By maximizing your information, you can optimize operations.


Exceptional service

We take pride in our customer support team. Our service engineers are accessible and ready to work with you to find the optimal solution for your pipeline. Your success is our primary goal.


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